Our institute has an attractive canteen facility of 2691 sq. ft. area. It remains open during the working hours and also on special occasions. There is availability of both veg and non-veg food, which are served in absolutely hygienic conditions.

Separate facilities are available for teachers and students.


Canteen Supervision norms (Roles & Responsibility- canteen committee)

1.      Regular visit for supervision.

2.      Surveillance Check of the Raw Materials used in the Canteen and Framing a guideline.

3.      Quality Check.

4.      Regular interaction with stakeholders.

5.      .Issue guidelines for the Price of the served items in the Canteen along with proper display.

6.      Forming a Code of Conduct for the members working in the Canteen along with Dress Code.

7.      Sending periodical report to the Chairperson and follow up rectification action.