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About Department:

The Department of Basic Science & Humanities was also established in 2012 with the other departments. The department comprises of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Humanities. Since its commencement, the department has impart quality education and training at the undergraduate level in various areas of Engineering. The infrastructure and lab facilities are being established to provide adequate opportunities for students to learn practical aspect of Basic Science & Humanities. The language laboratory was designed By IIT Kharagpur which is worth mentioning for betterment of communication skill.

Objectives of the department:

  • To train the students in English communication skills apart from regular curriculum and syllabus.
  • Exposure to telephonic interviews, video conferencing and public speaking.
  • Group Discussion practice, Extempore, Presentations through overhead projectors, slides, videos etc.
  • To develop expert knowledge in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

Mission of the department:

  • Support core engineering programmes by strengthening the knowledge base of the student in initial few semesters.
  • Prepare and groom final year engineering students in view of HR and communication related aspects to face interviews for industrial and corporate jobs
  • Encourage motivated and enthusiastic B. Tech students to pursue higher studies in M. Tech. so that they can further opt for research career
  • in interdisciplinary fields.
  • Vision of the department
  • To prepare proper knowledge base of basic science and humanities for B. Tech. students so that they can understand their complex engineering techniques and use basic scientific knowledge to design solutions for fundamental and advanced engineering problems. Preparation of manpower with sound technical knowledge for futuristic scientific research is also one of the major goals of this department.
Dr. Nirmalya Sankar Das
TIC, Department of Department Basic Science & Humanities


It’s a privilege to welcome you to the virtual tour of the Department of Basic Science and Humanities, Techno International Batanagar.

A strong base is the bedrock of a towering building. Similarly, team BSH of TIB are the base makers, laying the foundation of the engineering curriculum. Knowledge in basic science forms the fundamentals of almost every engineering and technical course. Value-based education, communication and management skills are essential to ‘complete’ a budding engineer in all aspects. Techno International Batanagar is currently running UG (B. Tech.) programs in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. BSH subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Humanities and Management are inevitable supportive components of all these curricula. We, team BSH cater to these needs under a single central supervision.

Our vision is to trigger the inbuilt application skills of theoretical knowledge. Aiming at this, we devote ourselves to blend the technical future of our students with classic scientific base.

We take utmost care in properly guiding the newly admitted students in their transition from schooling to an entirely different college life. Team BSH supervises their initial journey in this institute starting from the colourful Induction course to introduction to multidimensional science and humanities topics.>/p>

Our Department is enriched with well-qualified, talented and dedicated faculty members. Their tireless effort has always aided the budding engineers of our institute to enter their core academic courses with strong confidence based on basic scientific knowledge and soft skills. On behalf of the department, it remains a privilege to wish the future engineers a grand success for their upcoming golden carrier to be pursued under the banner of Techno International Batanagar.


Dr. Nirmalya Sankar Das
In Charge,Department of Physics (BSH)
Techno India - Batanagar
Maheshtala, Kolkata-141
West Bengal, India

Courses offered:

  • Values and Ethics in Profession
  • Technical Communication and Language Lab Practice.
  • Introduction to Management and Group behavior.
  • Economics for Industrial Growth/Engineers.
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Numerical Analysis

Faculty Member:



Name of Employee



Highest Qualification


Research Experience

Teaching Experience

Industry Experience

Dr. Nirmalya Sankar Das

Assistant Professor


Basic Science & Humanities (Physics)


Nano Science

12 Yrs.

10 Yrs.

1 Yr.

Dr. Sananda Jana

Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities (Physics)


High Energy Physics & Material

7 Yrs.

09 Yrs.


Dr. Sibayan Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities (Chemistry)


Organic Chemistry

6 Yrs.

6 Yrs.


Dr. Sarban Sengupta

Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities

Ph.D. (Botany)



3 Yrs


Mrs. Sujaya Bit

Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities

MA ( English)

English Language Teeaching


14 Yrs.


Mrs. Shriya Adhikary

Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities (MGMT Studies)

MBA & Pursuing PhD (Marketing)

Marketing Mgmt


9 Yrs.


The Department has following Laboratory Facilities:

Laboratory Name

Facilities available

Engineering Physics Lab. I

  • Rigidity modulus measurement set up
  • Young Modulus measurement set up
  • Carrey Foster method- measurement of resistivity set up
  • Coefficient of viscosity measurement set up
  • Searle’s method –Good conductivity measurement set up
  • Lee’s method – Bad conductivity measurement set up

Engineering Physics Lab. –Dark Room

  • Newton’s ring experimental set up
  • Dispersive power of prism measurement set up
  • Numerical Aperture measurement set up

Engineering Physics Lab. II

  • Planck’s constant measurement set up
  • Thermoelectric power measurement set up
  • Band gap measurement set up
  • Stefan’s constant measurement set up
  • Galvanometer resistance measurement (half deflection method ) set up
  • Solar Cell characteristics experimental set up
  • Hall effect experimental set up
  • e/m ratio measurement set up

Research Laboratory

  • Fundamental research facilities for enthusiastic students

Innovation Laboratory

  • Innovative projects and project making tools

Engineering Chemistry Lab.

  • Key concepts and theories in chemistry and how they are related to engineering applications.
  • The relation between theoretical chemistry and the environmental phenomenon in a variety of natural contexts, their impacts.
  • Common laboratory techniques including digital pH meter and conductivity cell, titrimetric analysis.
  • The use of the techniques mentioned above to solve chemical problems in tutorial classes

Language Lab.

  • Advanced and updated communication related software(s)
  • Sensitive headsets
  • Advanced Speakers
  • High resolution projector
  • White board etc.

BSH Seminar

One day Seminar on Health and Research Ethics: A guideline for budding Techies, Speakers: Dr. Tapan Kumar Ghoshal (JU), Dr. Prathama Chaudhuri (Institute of Psychiatry, Kolkata,) Dr. Malay Kumar Saha (NICED, Kolkata), 20th February, 2020

BSH Seminar

One day Seminar on Tibet, Speaker: Mr. Jigmey Tsultrim (Coordinator, India-Tibet Coordination Office), 13th February, 2020

BSH Seminar

Induction Programme for fresher students. Events: Motivational Talks, Yoga, Educational visit to Institute (JU) & Industrial Museum (BITM), Creative & performing arts, Indoor & Outdoor sports, Bridge course. Duration: 22nd July - 9th August, 2019

BSH Seminar

Induction Programme for fresher students. Events: Yoga and meditation activities, invited motivational lectures, visit to educational Institute & Industrial Museum, Cultural program, Bridge course. Duration: 27th July - 17th August, 2018

BSH Seminar

One day Seminar on Device Application of Scientific Research, Speakers: Prof. P.M.G. Nambissan (SINP, Kolkata), Dr. Uttam Kumar Ghorai (RKMV, Belur), Dr. Shyamal Mondal (MMC College, Kolkata), Dr. Supriya Das (Bose Institute), 19th April, 2018

Induction program organized by the Department of Basic Science and Humanities. Several activities like Yoga, Meditation, Cultural Program, Technical classes and invited motivational lectures are the events arranged in the Induction Program

BSH Seminar

Invited Talk on “Breaking Barriers: An Interactive Session on Latest Interview Techniques”, speakers: Dr. Summauli Pyne, Mr. Abhradeep Basu Mallik, 19th April 2017.

BSH Seminar

Induction programme for freshers, conducted by home faculties and entrepreneurs, 23rd July 2017 to 31st July 2017.

BSH Seminar

One day seminar on” Emerging Trends in Advanced Science and Humanities for the Application in Technology”, Speakers: Mr. A. Banerjee, Prof. S. K. Bandyopadhyay, Prof. K. K. Chattopadhyay, Dr. D. Banerjee, 22nd April 2016


No. of Book Published*

Number of Publications in International Conference*

Number of Publications in International Journal*

Number of Publications in National Conference*

Number of Publications in National Journal*

No. of PG Projects Guided*

No. of Doctorate Students Guided*










Participation in external programs

Mr. Debasish Roy

1. Took part in Science Exhibition organised by NCERT at Trimurty Bhavan New Delhi with models based on Mathematics and received Certificate of Appreciation.

2. Took part in Science Exhibition organised by Nehru Children’s Museum. Calcutta.

3. Attended Indian Science Congress held in Mysore in the year 1982.

4. I attended Faculty Development Program on Discrete Mathematics of NITTTR, Kolkata in Nov2016 .

5. 5. I , along with the Faculty members of BSH Dept of TI – B, conducted Bridge course for First Year B.Tech students

Mr. Biman Kumar Bhadra

Attended NITTTR Program,Saltlake,Kolkata from 16th to 20th January 2017

Mr. Anibarya Sarkar

1.Participate in faculty development program on ‘INTEGER PROGRAMING AND ITS APPLICATION TO WIRELESS NETWORKS’ conducted by Techno India Batanagar in 2017

2. Participated on one day workshop on ‘RESEARCH METHODLOGY’ conducted by Computer society of India (CSI),Kolkata in 2016

Dr. N. N. Mondal

Participated in various conferences and symposiums in India and abroad, Delivered lectures in different seminars, symposiums and attended a number of faculty development programmes

Dr. N. S. Das

[1] Participated and presented a poster in International seminar on High Temperature Materials in BHU, Feb 2010

[2] Participated Advanced School on High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy

[3] Participated and presented a poster in One day seminar on Experimental Techniques in Condensed Matter Physics

[4] Participated and presented a poster in Some recent trends in research in physics(SRTRP-2016)

[5] Invited Yong Scientist Talk in National Seminar on "RECENT ADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE" Sponsored by MHRD, GOI, at Belur Ramakrishna Mission College

Dr. S. Jana

Attended and presented papers in

1. Metal assisted chemical etching for light emitting silicon nanowires, S. Jana and S. R. Bhattacharyya, Proceeding of International Conference on Recent Trends in Applied Physics & Material Science (RAM 2013) AIP Conf. Proc. 1536 (2013) 285

2. Size-selected copper nanolclusters for fabrication of isolated size-controlled nanostructuresShyamal Mondal, S. Jana, and S. R. Bhattacharyya, Proceeding of International Conference on Recent Trends in Applied Physics & Material Science (RAM 2013) AIP Conf. Proc. 1536 (2013) 203

3. “Improvement of field emission properties of PbS thin films by amorphous carbon coating” S. Jana , D. Banerjee, B. Kamaliya, K. K. Chattopadhyay Proceedings of the International Symposium on Semiconductor Materials and Devices (ISSMD 2011), pp-362

4. “A simple chemical route to decorate amorphous CNTs with PbS nanoparticles and their enhanced thermal property” S. Jana, K. K. Chattopadhyay, Proceedings of the International Conference on fundamental & Applications of Nanoscience & Technology (ICFANT 2010), pp-226

5. “Fabrication of Fishbone like Wide Band Gap PbS Microcrystals by Solvothermal Route” S. Jana, R. Thapa, K. K. Chattopadhyay, Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor devices (IWPSD-2009), pp-800

6. “Structural properties of ZnS nanoparticals synthesized by RF Magnetron puttering technique” P. K. Ghosh. S. Nandy, S. Jana, K. K. Chattopadhayay, Proceedings of the 13th Internationl Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices, (IWPSD-2005), pp- 449

Dr. Ritabrata Bhowmick

1. Funding Opportunities and Success Stories of Capturating Grant- 2 Days (July,2014), Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Techno India Group

2. Emerging Trends in Molecular Simulation 5 Days( May,2009) Department of Physics, Indian Association of Cultivation for Science

3. Education and Expectation 2 Days (January, 2010) Visva Bharati(Santiniketan)

4. Theoretical studies in Clay mineral 2 day (June, 2008) Chemical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University

5. Modern Trends in clay mineral Research One day (April 2005) Central Research, Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres(ICAR)

Dr. Sibayan Mukhaerjee

Participated in various conferences and symposiums in India.

Dr. Mrinal Saha

· India-Australia International Workshop on Nanatechnology in Materials and Energy application (29th-31 stDecember 2011, Jadavpur University as a participant)

· Recent Developments and Applications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (14-15th September 2012, Techno India, Participant in oral presentation)

· International Workshop on Nanomaterial (IWON); Engineering photon and phonon Transport (14-15th December 2012, Jadavpur University, Participant in poster presentation)

  • 67th Annual Technical Meetig Certificate of Partcipation (12-14th November 2013, BHU, Participant in poster presentation)

· Workshop on Materials Characterisation techniques (4-5 th October 2016, Jadavpur University as a participant)

· Recent Status of The Utilization of Low Grade Chromium Bearing Ore (11th November 2016, Jadavpur University, as a participant)

· National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Chemistry (15 th February 2017, Jadavpur University, Participant in poster presentation).