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Cultural Activities Committee

Saraswati Puja, 22nd January 2018

Republic Day celebration, 26th January 2018

Equinox, 22nd February 2018

Independence Day Celebration, 15th August 2018

Foundation Day Celebration, 

16th August 2018

Teachers’ Day Celebration, 5th September 2018

Fresher’s 2K18, 7th September 2018

Vishwakarma Puja, 17th September 2018

Celebration of ‘Republic Day’, 26th January, 2017

Celebration of ‘Saraswati Puja’, 1st February, 2017

Celebration of ‘Rabindra Jayanti’,9th May,2017

College Annual Fest, ‘Equinox’, 4th-6th May, 2017

Performance by College Students, 4th -6th May, 2017

Celebration of ‘Independence Day’, 

15th August, 2017

Celebration of ‘College Foundation 

Day’, 16th August, 2017

Celebration of Teachers’ Day, 5th September, 2017

Fresher’s Welcome, 8th September, 


Celebration of ‘Vishwakarma Puja’, 17th September, 2017

Magazine Committee

Launch of College Magazine cover and newsletter, 16th August, 2018.

Launch of College Wall Magazine, 16th August, 2018

Health Care Camp, organized by Magazine Committee in association with BDS Social Work, 21st February, 2018.

Literary & Creative Art Competition, 10th February 2018.

Organization of ‘Blood Donation Camp’, 21st February, 2017

Launch of ‘College Newsletter’, 

16th August, 2017

Launch of ‘College Wall Magazine’, 16th August, 2017

‘Creative Writing Competition’, 7th November, 2017

Tech Fest Committee

‘College Technical Fest’, 4th-6th May, 2017

Celebration of ‘Akshay Urja Diwas’, 24th August, 2017

Celebration of ‘Engineers Day’, 15th September, 2017

Invited talk on “Engineers at 2030”, 30th October, 2017

Extra-Curricular Activity Committee

TIB SOCCER CHALLENGE CUP 2018 at TIB on 5th October, 2018

BLOOD DONATION CAMP at TIB on 5th September, 2018

INDUCTION PROGRAMME FOR FIRST YEAR at TIB on 11th to 17th July, 2018

ANNUAL SPORTS 2018 at TIB on 12th to 15th February, 2018

INTER COLLEGE BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2018 at TIB on 7th & 8th February, 2018

Organization of ‘College Soccer Cup’, 29th & 30th April, 2017

‘Yoga Orientation Programme’, 24th & 25th July, 2017

Celebration of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, 27th July, 2017

Organization of ‘Blood Donation camp’, 

5th September, 2017

‘Slum Area Development Programme’,

10th November, 2017

Visit to a Chidren Home, 24th November, 2017