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Portal for Submission of Semester Fees:

Instructions for Online Semester Fees Payment:

1. Log on to the above link with User ID as student's phone no. given during admission, and student id as password.

2. Students can find the user id and password on his/her last money receipt

3. On the left pane of the home page, click on student fees collection > student semester fees collection.

4. Scroll down the page thus opened.

5. Check the email id – modify it if necessary. The default e-mail id is the one provided during filling up of admission form.

6. Click on payment button - you will be redirected to Axis Bank Multi Option Payment System page.

7. On this page, select the desired payment option.

8. Then make the payment by following the flow of the payment system.

9. After successful payment of fees, the system will redirect you to Home Page of Student Portal and prompt you to generate the receipt.

10. You can generate and print the receipt or save a copy for future reference.

11. Please refrain from making any payment if you have any doubt regarding the amount being shown. Contact ur college authority in such a scenario.

Contact no 1: 9123690396 [Contact in case of queries related to payable amount, query related to confirmation of payment after payment confirmation not generated by the system after deduction of amount due to some technical error.]

Contact no 2. 8013302685 (contact in case of login related issues).