Sl. No. Degree Department Total Seats Duration
1 B. Tech. Civil Engineering 30 4 Years
2 B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering 180 4 Years
3 B. Tech. Electrical Engineering 30 4 Years
4 B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering 30 4 Years
5 B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering 30 4 Years
6 B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) 60 4 Years
7 B. Tech. Computer Science &Engineering (Data Science) 60 4 Years
8 B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering( Cyber Security)
60 4 Years
9 B. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering( Internet Of Things)
60 4 Years
10 B. Tech. Computer Science & Information Technology Engineering
60 4 Years

BBA & BCA with an intake of 60 with a duration of 3 years


Sl. No. Degree Department Total Seats Duration
1 Diploma Civil Engineering 30 3 Years
2 Diploma Mechanical Engineering 30 3 Years
3 Diploma Computer Science & Engineering 30 3 Years
4 Diploma Electrical Engineering 30 3 Years
5 Diploma Electrical Engineering & Electric Vehicle Technology 30 3 Years
6 Diploma for working professional Mechanical Engineering 30 3 Years



According to the rules & regulations of West Bengal University of Technology,

  • A student shall be eligible to appear in an examination provided he/she pursues a regular course of study in respective department and attains at least 75% of theoretical, and practical sessional classes on an average, held during the semester. The attendance shall be considered from the date of admission of the candidate in the institution/college.
  • Concessions: a student who has been absent for short periods due to participation in cultural, sports other academic/ official assignment in the interest of the institution / college/university / Govt. with prior written permission of the head of the institution/college shall be permitted a maximum as additional concession of 10% in attendance and would be eligible for appearing in examination with a minimum of 65% of attendance in a semester.


The evaluation of the course items is as follows as per the norms of West Bengal University of Technology.

A. Theory Items:

Each item under this classification shall be evaluated on the basis of 100 percentage points, sub-divided into the following four categories.

1. End-Semester Examination 70 points
2. Continious Assessment ( Makaut CA Schedule ) 25 points
3. Attendance Regularity & Participation ( Internal ) 05 points

B. Practical Items:

Every item in this category shall be evaluated out of 100 percentage points, divided into two categories.

1. End-Semester Examination 60 points
2. Attendance & Regularity ( Internal ) 05 points
3. Preparation for Conducting Experiments ( Internal ) 10 points
4. Initiative to Learn and Interact ( Internal ) 10 points
5. Presentation of Lab Report, its regularity in Submission and Content ( Internal ) 15 points

The university shall publish a list of al successful candidates of each of the semester examination within a reasonable time (one month) from the date of last examination.


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