The Library in Techno International Batanagar is a very rich library having more than 1150 titles and 17 thousand books. It is located at the first floor of the main building and has an area of 409.35 sq. meters. The Library has a comfortable and peaceful reading room where many students can sit and study at a time. It also has a separate area that faculty members use while browsing through books. A good number of technical and informative journals and magazines are displayed in Journal section.

The Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the forms of online databases, books, journals, reports, etc. and is fully compliant with all AICTE requirements. The Library has been using LSEase,which is one of leading integrated library management systems, with all the modules for automated library operations.

  1. Membership Registration
  2. Checkout, Check-in, Renewal of books
  3. Library fine collection
  4. Overdue alert service/ due date go through mail
  5. Issue of no dues / clearance certificate
  6. Lost book recovery
  7. Issue of Duplicate Library Membership Identity Card with fine
  8. Help desk

  • The Library is kept open on all week days during college hours, except the Institute holidays.

    Other Services:

    New Membership Registration: 10.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

    Fine Collection, Clearance Certificate, Replacement of Lost Book -2.30 p.m. to 5.00p.m.

    Distribution of Library Membership Identity Card, Duplicate Library Membership Identity Card- 3.30 p.m.-5.00 pm.


    1.  Students of TIB
    2. Faculty/ Employees of TIB


    New user has to collect the membership form available at Library/Security Counter and submit it along with a stamp size photograph, duly forwarded by HODs


    1. Only Registered Members can borrow books,
    2. The Central Library TIB has introduced the intranet search facility of library document.

    Other rules related to borrowing of books

    1. Users must check the Accession Number(s) and due date of the book(s) issued by them before leaving the Circulation counters to avoid confusion in future. Any discrepancy will not be considered afterwards.
    2. Library Membership Identity Cards and borrowed books are not transferable and hence should not be lent to others.
    3. Users are liable for the damage and loss of books, if any
    4. If the damaged book belongs to a set, then the user is responsible for the entire set.
    5. Users should check the physical condition of a book while borrowing the same.
    6. During power/system failures, the circulation counter services will be suspended.
    7. While going out of the Library, users should ensure that they do not carry book(s) that are duly not issued on their name(s), failing which disciplinary action will be taken against them.
    8. Every user is requested to check the status of book(s) outstanding against his/her name soon after a transaction is over at the counter. Discrepancy if any should be brought to the notice of the counter person immediately. Any complaint thereafter is not likely to be entertained.

      For renewal, a user has to bring books to the Circulation Counter. If a borrowed book is not on demand, then a user (except faculty) may renew the book for consecutively two times only. The Library has the right to recall a book if the same is required by another user.

    1. A borrowed book should be returned within the due date; otherwise fine will be imposed as overdue charge. All late charges must be paid by the end of an academic session; otherwise issue facility has to be withdrawn.
    2. In loss of library identity card, a duplicate card may be issued on the basis of application supported with an FIR lodged in Local Police station along with the fine of Rs. 100/- for the same.
    3. If a user loses library book, he/she needs to inform the Librarian at the earliest and the user must replace the lost book by a new book as per the library regulation within a stipulated period.
    4. When there is demand for a borrowed book, the same must be returned within seven days from the date of issue of book otherwise recall notice will be issued from library.
    5. All outstanding dues in form of delay fine or lost book must be cleared within the current academic year failing which membership will be treated as delinquency.

  1. No dues / Clearance Certificate are issued provided all the outstanding dues in respect of borrowed book(s) and delay fine, if any, are cleared. Library Identity Card must be submitted along with prescribed Institute No-Dues application.
  2. Staff members and Faculty members are also supposed to return Library Identity Cards before issuance of No-Dues Certificates.

    1. An outgoing member should return the Library Identity Card and should also return all the documents outstanding against his/her name, along with the late fine, if any.

    2. If any member is found misusing / mutilating / stealing/ cutting pages from a book, disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her, besides withdrawing the library facilities.

    3. Improper use of library facilities specially in reading room by a member will lead to the suspension or termination of his/her membership.


    Institute photocopy service provides the photocopying service in the ground floor. Also there is a reprographic section in library. Photocopying of the entire book/journal is not permitted. Users are responsible for complying with the Copyright Act.

      The Property Counter is located near the Library Gate.

    There is a security checkpoint at the entrance of library. It is usually manned by Institute Security personnel. Visitors and Library users are requested to keep their belongings if any in appropriate place under observation of security and register their name in the register.


    A suggestion box is placed at the reception area. Users are requested to drop their suggestions in the Box. The Library Management attaches great significance to these suggestions for providing improved Library services.

    • CCTV 

      To ensure proper surveillance of various potential locations of the Library, it is under constant surveillance under Institute CCTV system, which covers all reading areas and also the Security Check point and Property Counter.



The mission of the TIB library is to support the educational and research programs of the institute by providing physical and i000ntellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated educational and research functions of the institute. In accordance with the objectives of the institute, the Library aims to be a center of comprehensive collection of documents useful for the faculty and student community of the institute. The secondary mission is, to serve as a resource center for the students and faculty members of the institute.


To be a made a world class center of brilliance. Library will nurture, encourage and produce self-reliant, industry ready and motivated professionals to render there service towards society. So that it can sustain its place as an applauded center of learning and research.


Status /Summary of books:

B.Tech Books
Department Number of Titles Number of Books
CSE 301 2362
ECE 141 1503
EE 132 1387
CE 119 1683
ME 185 2193
BSH 241 3058
Others 24 35
Total B.Tech 1143 12221
Diploma Books
Dept Title Vol
DCE 14 409
DME 48 566
BSH for Diploma 57 948
Others 2 2
Total Diploma 121 1925


The Cataloging, Circulation and other house–keeping operations of the library are fully computerized. For this purpose the library has subscribed user-friendly software called LIBSYS. All in-house operations of a library can be performed through this software.

The library is fully automated with LSEase Software.Users can search the library database through intranet(LAN).


In addition to the general books, Book Bank facility is also available in the library. Student can borrow 4books for Book Bank.  In addition to that students may borrow more 2 general books for lending purpose. They may lend reference books as per availability of document in library.


SL. no




IETE Journal of Research



Journal of Chemical Science



Proceedings of Mathematical Science



Sadhana : Academy proceedings in engineering science



Pramana : Journal of Physics



Journal of Association of Engineers



ICJ : The Indian concrete journal



Journal of structural engineers



Journal of CPRI


The current issues of these periodicals are kept in the Reading Room adjacent to the Library. The issues of the periodicals are not issued out. Users are urged to read them inside the Room. They can, however, take them out the Room for taking photocopy of the articles of their interest.


The Digital library is housed in the reading room attached to the Central Library. The Digital Library collections consist of on-line access of documents.The ‘Central Library’ has a well-equipped Digital Library from where the students as well as the faculties can access e-books, e-journals and e-databases of renowned publishers and service providers like National Digital Library,IE(I), CSI many more.


  1. IEI (Institution of Engineers India) [link: https://www.ieindia.org/webui/iei-home.aspx ]
  2. CSI News Letter [link: http://www.csikolkata.org/?i=1 ]
  3. IETE News Letter [link: http://www.iete.org/]
  4. NDL (National Digital Library)[Link: https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/]
  5. NPTEL [link: https://nptel.ac.in/]
  6. E-Book


List of Newspapers purchased

  1. The Telegraph
  2. The Times of India
  3. AAjkal
  4. The Economic Time
  5. Employment News

The Library has opened an Indian Magazines Corner which is located in the Library Reading Room. Popular Indian weeklies and monthlies are displayed here. These are not lent out.

List of Magazines purchased

  1.  India Today
  2. Business Today
  3. Competition Success
  4. Electronics for your plus
  5. Digits


There is a provision of departmental library for the benefit of faculty members. Each department gets a copy of each title (subject wise) of the total library collection.