The Computer Centre as per AICTE norms covers an area of 180 sq. meters and consistes of 60 computers with Internet Facility. The students can surf internet and do any academic computer related work from 10 am to 8 pm on all working days. Students get extra programming practice facilities in the centre.

Students get extra programming practice facilities in the centre.


A home away from home…

Techno International-Batanagar offers well-planned hostels for both boys and girls and an environment full of opportunities for personal growth. Every hostel is supervised by the warden and a faculty-in-charge, who ensure that utmost care, is taken to provide best amenities to the students. Accommodation facilities are spacious and comfortable and cater to personal needs adequately. Every hostel has canteen facilities where students enjoy the get-together along with lively meals.

Key features -

  1. Aquaguard Facility for drinking water
  2. 24 hours Security Guard for both boys and girls hostel
  3. Separate bed for each student
  4. Separate Almirah for each student
  5. Separate reading space.
  6. Dinning section.
  7. Regular cleaning and sanitization of rooms and toilet.

Restrictions in Hostel  -

  1. Ragging is totally banned and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting is liable to be punished.
  2. Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and other objectionable materials are strictly prohibited and any boarder found to violate these norms shall be expelled forthwith.


In the present era, knowing English is not sufficient and the corporate world needs a professional and effective utilization of English as the communication medium. It is not only syntax but also delivery, mannerism, cohesion, in short the entire presentation skill, of a speaker is required for professional achievement. Thus, to habituate all our students with all such demands a Language Lab was initiated in our college. In Techno India-Batanagar our faculties of English Language & Communication are always dedicated to the service. Besides following the syllabus of West Bengal University of Technology, we organize Soft Skill Development programs to develop our students.

Language Laboratory in Brief:

  1. Language Lab designed by Centre for Advanced Communication, CACM, STEP, IIT-KGP.
  2. The highly sophisticated audio-visual apparatus like projectors, headphones and stereo surround sound help students to develop their language expertise.
  3. Teacher and students positions are connected via Local Area Network and in some case separate audio channel.


A well-equipped Seminar Hall with 135.93 sq. meters of area, digital technology and advanced communication facilities as per AICTE norms at Techno India-Batanagar, hosts lectures and conferences regularly. Renowned people from the industry and academia are invited to speak here so that students can interact with them and widen their knowledge horizons.

It is also the ideal venue for engineering and technology seminars and project presentations. In short the Seminar Room is a means of knowledge-sharing, learning and collaboration with academia as well as industry.


In terms of connectivity, there are train and bus services which conveniently connect our institution to different locations of Kolkata.

  1. Students can reach Techno India-Batanagar from Taratala with the help of the following Route Map: Taratala>Jinjira Bazar>Nungi>Techno India-Batanagar(Total distance from Taratala to Techno India-Batanagar campus is approximately 9km.)
  2. Students can reach Techno India-Batanagar from Behala with the help of the following Route Map: Behala Chowrasta>Dakghar>Nungi>Techno India-Batanagar (Total distance from Behala to Techno India-Batanagar campus is approximately 12 km.)
  3. Students can reach Techno India-Batanagar (TI- Batanagar ) from Sealdah with the help of the following Train/Railway Route Map: Nungi Railway Station (Take train towards Budge Budge)>Nungi More>TI- Batanagar(Total distance from Nungi Station to TI- Batanagar campus is approximately 1km.)
  4. Moreover, specialized Institute transport facility from three important locations viz, Jadavpur/Garia, Behala & Ultadanga are available. (However, this will only be conducted if a certain number of students are willing to avail this facility.) For information about charges and further details, please contact the Institute.



The institute has a health center for first aid, medical and counseling facilities for the students, staff and faculty members. The clinic is equipped with all the essential medical facilities as per prescription of a registered medical practitioner and a registered psychologist. Nursing staff members are available apart from some of the regular staff members who have been trained for administering first aid facilities.

A very experienced medical practitioner Dr. S.S. Saha, M.D is available in the institute. Dr Supriyo Roy, an experienced registered psychologist is available for professional counseling as well as for identification of problems and treatment of mental health of the students.

Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Our institute has an attractive canteen facility of 2691 sq. ft. area. It remains open during the working hours and also on special occasions. There is availability of both veg and non-veg food, which are served in absolutely hygienic conditions.

Separate facilities are available for teachers and students.

Canteen Supervision norms (Roles & Responsibility- canteen committee)

  1. Regular visit for supervision.
  2. Surveillance Check of the Raw Materials used in the Canteen and Framing a guideline.
  3. Quality Check.
  4. Regular interaction with stakeholders.
  5. Issue guidelines for the Price of the served items in the Canteen along with proper display.
  6. Forming a Code of Conduct for the members working in the Canteen along with Dress Code.
  7. Sending periodical report to the Chairperson and follow up rectification action.