The serene and exquisite ambiance of TIB, so rare in Kolkata, is an active catalyst for the students to enrich their learning process. 

Apart from well ventilated class room in a fifth storied building, the campus has the other following facilities for leisure, convenience and utility: 

  1. State-of-the art Language Laboratory (Communication Management):
  2. Developed in consultation with IIT- Kharagpur.
  3. Computer Aided Communication Management -- Interactive Software Integrated Learning System (CACM – ISILS).
  4. Key Features – 32 Seater high-end Lab with individual user consoles for 1:1 teacher student interaction.
  5. Maximum Teacher Attention with right Multimedia Support.
  6. Effective Tool for Improving Linguistic Competence & Soft Skill Development for Budding Engineers.
  7. Well-equipped Library with rich pool of Text and Reference Books, Conference Proceedings, Periodicals, Journals, Thesis/ Dissertations, Reports and also CD/DVD-based/Online Learning materials.
  8. Playground for Football, Volley Ball, Badminton court and also practice pitches for cricket along with other indoor games facilities.
  9. Cafeteria for the students as well as the visitors.
  10. Parking area for bikes and 4-wheelers.
  11. Electrical substation building to cater to the power needs of the entire campus.
  12. Uninterrupted power supply
  13. Barrier Free Environment
  14. Green Campus